What is passive income?

Passive income is when you continuously get paid from something you created and do not have to put any active work into it. You do the work once and receive commisions after. Passive income can be advertising income from websites and apps, income from youtube views, affiliate marketing income, dividend from stocks, royalties from books and many more.

What does this website offer?

Passive Income Calculator gives you tools in order to estimate your income from different passive income streams. It also provides passive income ideas and ways to improve your income.

Amazon FBA Calculator

You want to start selling your own product using Fulfillment by Amazon? Then this calculator is perfect for your. Calculate your upfornt cost e.g. for sourcing a product via Alibaba.com. Calculate your product magrgin, profits, and much more!

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YouTube Calculator

For some YouTube is an entertainment plattform. Others make a living from uploading videos to youtube and getting paid viad YouTube ads. If you want to make a passive income with YouTube use this YouTube Money calculator to see how much you could earn!

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AdSense Calculator

Websites can be monetized in many ways. One of them is Google Adsense. The Adsense earnings calculator lets you estimate how much you can earn with you website with different amounts of visitors per month.

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AdMob Calculator

When you are a mobile app developer you can use Google AdMob to make a little (or a lot of) extra money on the side. With the AdMob revenue calculator you can see how much you can earn if you get more users to use your application.

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Affiliate Marketing Calculator

The affiliate marketing earnings calculator lets you predict your income with your affiliate programs like Amazon affiliate.

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Print On Demand Calculator

The Print on Demand Income Calculator lets you estimate how much money you can make every month with a t-shirt or drop shipping business.

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Stock Savings Plan Calculator

Calculate how much money you will have in 20 years if you only invest $50 in stocks or ETFs each month.

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Profit Margin Calculator

Calculate the margin, markup and profit for your product and find the right mix.

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Early Retirement Calculator