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How much can you earn with Google AdSense?

The range of money you can earn with Google AdSense is very high. You can earn some cents every day or more than $1000. It all depends on how many visitors your website gets, how much time they spent there, how many pages they view and what topic your website is about (financial or insurance website will generally earn more money than socks).

Lets look at some example websites and see how much money they make each month.

Succulents and Sunshine is a website wich gives advice on how to grow succulents (a plant). In a YouTube video the owner of the website talked about how much money she makes with the website and how much visitors they have:

  • Monthly pageviews: 350.000 - 500.000
  • Yearly income: $200.000
    • $67.000 through Google AdSense
    • $67.000 through affiliate marketing
    • $67.000 through sales of own products
After taking a look at the Google Keyword Planner we can find out how much an ad click on a succulents website is worth. Let's take the average value and assume the CPC value to be $1. To estimate how many pageviews a visitor generates we can go to Similarweb tells us that each visitor generates about 1.9 pageviews. When we put it all together we get the following values for
Visitors per Month 200,000
Pageviews/visitor 1.9
CPC $1
CTR 1.5%
You can play with the values here.

What is CPC?

CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click. It is a metric that shows you how much money you earn when a visitor/viewers clicks on an ad.

What is CTR?

CTR stands for Click-Through-Rate. It is another metric that gives you the percentage of how many visitors/viewers click on an ad. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks that one of your ads gets by the number of times that your ad is shown.
An example: You ad is shown 100 times and it gets 4 clicks. Then your CTR would be 4%

What is CPM?

CPM stands for Cost-Per-Mille or Cost-Per-Thousand. This metric tells you how much you earn from 1000 ad impressions.
It is calculated the following way: CPM = CPC * CTR * 1000