Do you want to know more about how to build a passive income? Do you want to share you experience and see what others did? Reddit is the best place to go. 

In this article, we collected a list of 11 Subreddits that will help you build your passive income stream and connect with others who do so. 

The list is sorted by the number of subreddit members (in July 2019) starting with the subreddit with the most numbers. 


13.8m members

This subreddit discusses everything related to managing your personal finances like investing, planning your early retirement, saving, budgeting and so on. It is not directly a subreddit that tells you how you can earn a passive income, however one you are making a passive income you should know how you manage it.


1.1m members

Frugalism is a movement which advocates living a simple life, minimizing your spendings (including money, time and other factors). Many people are living this life. Here you can find out more about it and start living it. 


764k members

What are you going to do with all the money you will be making on your passive income projects? You will find help here. You can discuss and find information on mostly stock market investing, diversification and other investing related topics.


613k members

Isn't this what we all want, to become financially independent? This subreddit can help you achieve it. People will exchange ideas on how to become financially independent. Financial independence means not having to work for money any more. A concept to achieve this is to maximize your savings e.g. by a higher income and less spending. Check out this subreddit to see more.


570k members

As the name suggests this subreddit is for entrepreneurs and those who want to be an entrepreneur. It is intended as a community for professional networking, collaboration for projects and seeking help for solving real world problems. Here you can find opportunities and see how others have built their companies.


485k members

Living the digital nomad live is the dream for many people: Working remotely from Bali, the Caribbean, Italy, France, or anywhere in the world by leveraging technology and the internet. In this subreddit, digital nomads share their experiences like where to work, where to find the best deals, how to tax your income, getting a drivers licence in different countries and so on. Check it out to become a digital nomad yourself. 


339k members

What is beer money you ask? Beer money is some extra money which is not intended to pay any bills but which you can spend on a night out and buy some beers. r/beermoney/ gives tips on how you can earn your own beer money. The goal is not to make a living, but to have some extra side money for your own fun (like buying some beers).


161k members

To build a passive income you will most likely work online. This subreddit is here to help with all the online money making strategies like monetizing your website or blog, online employers, and many more. People will share their experience and provide help.


32.7k members

This subreddit claims to be the "Number 1 subreddit for online business and affiliate marketing". Even though it is a very small subreddit it can still bring value for you e.g. for discussing Google Adsense, Analytics, Fulfillment by Amazon, Affiliate Marketing or more. As the name says: Just start! Today!


27.8k members

This subreddit is, as its name suggest, about passive income. People discuss how they can build a passive income stream ranging from print on demand services like RedBubble, to cryptocurrencies, blogging, affiliate marketing and other opportunities.