When you build a website, blog, app, or any other product to earn a passive income, you will often ask yourself: How much money can I possibly make with this blog? How much money do others make with a website?

In this post I want to give you an impression of what is possible. Therefore we will look at the website Succulents and Sunshine. The blog is about how to grow and take care of succulents (which is a type of plant). In a YouTube Interview the creator of the blog shared some insights on the revenue of the site, how much traffic the site gets and how the monetization strategy looks like. 

Blog Income, Traffic and Statistics

According to the video these are the website statistics:

  • Page views: 350,000 - 500,000 page views per month (11,500 - 16,500 page views per day)
    • 70% via Google
    • 15% via Pinterest
    • 15% other
  • Blog posts: 200
  • Revenue: $200,000 per year ($16,500 per month or $550 per day)
  • Monetization strategy:
    • 1/3 Google AdSense: $66,500 per year or $5,500 per month or $185 per day
    • 1/3 affiliate links: $66,500 per year or $5,500 per month or $185 per day
    • 1/3 own product sales: $66,500 per year or $5,500 per month or $185 per day

As you can see, the website makes a lot of money from 3 different income sources. Now that we have some basic information yearly revenue and the amount of page views, let's try to reverse engineer how much money they actualy make per visitor. Afther that you can play around with the numbers and see if your websites has a similar income potential. 

How Much Can You Earn from Google AdSense?

We know that the blog makes around $5,500 per month (from Ads) with an average of 430,000 page views per month.

Our goal is now to find out the numbers for the AdSense Income Calculator like CPC, eCPM, or the page views per visitor.

Therefore lets first go to SimilarWeb.com and look at the statistics. We can see that the average user visits around 1.8 pages per visit. We can thus assume that the website gets around 240,000 visitors per month. 

SimilarWeb.com Succulents and Sunshine

To estimate how much a click on an ad is worth, we can got to the Google Keyword Planner. A search for the term "succulents" reveals that a click is worth around $0.20 - $1.0. We will estimate a value of around $0.65. This is our CPC (cost per click) value.

Succulents Google Keyword Planner

To get to a monthly income of around $5,500 the CTR (click trough ratio) must be around 1.9%. 

If you plug in the values into the Adsense Earnings Calculator you will get the following result: Show result.

AdSense Earnings Calculator

Go ahead and play around with the numbers like the number of visitors to see what could be if more visitors visit the website.

How Much Can You Earn From Affiliates?

Let's do the same we did for the Google AdSense income also for affiliate links.

We use the same values for the number of visitors, the page views per visitor and the CTR. We have to estimate the conversion rate and how much money a conversion is worth. Of course we do not know the original values, however we can estimate them in order to get to a monthly income of $5,500. 

You can see the outcome below and on the Affiliate Link Income Calculator page.

Affiliate Earnings Calculator